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2004 Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea has small twisted leaves and abundance of bright golden tips, it is an excellent Pu-erh, the tea infuse to produce an exceptional connoisseur’s tea.

High quality tips and buds was used to produce this special and flavorful loose leaf Pu-erh, also known as “Imperial Pu-erh”. The leaves are fermented about twice as long as normal fermented Pu-erh (120 days vs 60 days). During this longer fermentation process more of the mass of the leaf is consumed by bacteria. Say let’s starting out with a total of 400 kilos of leaves, at the end of the fermentation process, only 300 kilos will remain. Imperial Pu-erh is pricier since it is more time consuming, involves more work, and yields less. The flavor is slightly earthy and sweet.

 Brewing Instruction:

5gm leave for 300ml boiled water; Rinse the first two infusion and then refill water and steep leave for 5min; Same amount leave can be reinfused up to 10 times. 

Health Benefits:

1. Vitamin and mineral supplements

Pu Er tea contains rich vitamins, minerals and nutrients. There are also antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, and carbohydrates. Pu Er tea can help Digest; Lower Cholesterol; Reduces blood pressure; Lowers the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes ( as Pu Er tea has the highest content of polysaccharides compared to other types of tea. Polysaccharides may benefit people with diabetes because they help retard absorption of glucose).


2. Digestive Aid

The caffeine, vitamins, amino acids and phospholipids in the Dark Tea helps the body to digest and regulate the fat metabolism.

Dark Tea improves the overall balance of bacteria in the digestive system and aids digestion to relieve flatulence and indigestion.

The caffeine stimulation can enhance the secretion of gastric juice, which increases appetite and helps digestion.

3. Lowers Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat like substance with a waxy consistency that is produced by the liver.

Over time cholesterol accumulates and narrows the blood vessels causing atherosclerosis. 

The risk of blood clots that lead to heart attacks and strokes is increased.

Dark Tea is high in polysaccharides that help reduce the LDL (Bad) Cholesterol and increase the HDL (Good) Cholesterol.

Dark Tea is an anticoagulant by promoting fibrinolysis which helps prevent the blood clotting.

4. Reduces Blood Pressure

Dark Tea contains theanine and catechins that help soften and relax the blood vessels. This process increases the size of blood vessels which allows the blood to circulate easier which helps lower blood pressure.

It was observed between May 1990 to May 1991, 55 retired military personnel from the The Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital had high cholesterol. After continuous use Dark Tea for 180 days (3 g daily) 50 of the 55 military personnel had their cholesterol and blood pressure significantly reduced.

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